• Discover the Versatility of Concrete

    Concrete is a versatile and resilient material that permits a wide range of installation and style options. It is also a labour-intensive product best left in the hands of professionals like those at Europa Concrete & Interlocking Inc.. To learn more about what we can do for you with concrete, explore the possibilities above. Then, contact us to talk more about your project.

    Concrete Pads:Whether you need a solid foundation for further installation work or simply want a slab outside your backdoor for a modest patio, Europa Concrete & Interlocking Inc. will expertly pour and cure a concrete pad for you.

    Concrete Overlays:Want to refresh an existing concrete surface? A concrete overlay could be an ideal and cost-effective choice. Talk with us about various types of overlay systems, and whether or not you’re interested in any decorative components, like colour or stamping.

    Decorative Options

    Coloured Concrete:Concrete is more than just a functional material. We can transform concrete into a durable decorative floor treatment by adding color, and we’ll help you pick the perfect shade for your home!

    Exposed Aggregate:Looking for a textured option? Try an exposed aggregate installation! By adding coarse aggregate to the surface of a concrete slab after pouring, or mixing it in prior to the pour, exposed aggregate mimics the look of textural stones. Aggregate provides excellent durability and skid-resistance.

    Stamped Concrete:For the look of stone or brick without the cost, try stamped concrete. We can imprint a range of patterns and shapes onto the surface of a just-poured concrete slab—talk with us!

    Finishing Options

    Broom Finish:Done just prior to curing, a broom finish is used to create traction in concrete.

    Float Finish:A float is passed over the concrete, leveling, compacting and smoothing it, either as the final finish or in preparation for other finishes.

    Bullnose Edging:A bullnose (or rounded) edge is an attractive way to refine the edges of any concrete surface. It also helps prevent chipping and cracking.

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